From the life of a little tomcat

or Timmy's Memoirs - Part 1

[translated with the help of from the original german article
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Well, I have quite a decent life here in Sontheim at the Deinenbach brook. My daddy doesn't do a bad job as a can opener - not every pelt-nose has a buffet with at least four bowls, my buddies have enviously told me. And if he has bought the wrong food, he is usually reasonable - it is enough if I sit reproachfully in front of the bowl in question.

Except in the second half of the night I always have free exit and entrance and also at night I am allowed at least on the terrace to keep an eye on my territory. It's a good thing that Daddy had a small cat door built into the patio door for me.

Only sometimes Daddy is a little stubborn: just because there is a little more water than usual in the Deinenbach brook, he doesn't have to lock me up - I'm no longer a silly young kitten that falls into the stream, and besides, I can swim!

What belongs to me here is quite nice: the garden, the terrace, the bench with the grass catcher box in which I love to sleep, the table, the lookout ladder and the lookout tower. In the garden I have my own valerian, catnip and cat's chamomander. My apartment is not bad either, there is no lack of places for a nap. But the highlight is the dining table - when I sit on it, daddy likes to sit with me and then our heads are exactly at the same height. Not a bad condition for an extensive cuddle session ;-) Then his nose is also exactly at the height of my ear - I love it when his nose pokes in my ear!

At first grandma scolded me when I went to the table, but since daddy and I explained to her a few times that the table belongs to me, she is satisfied that she can eat at my table. Daddy gets to do the same, of course. Sometimes they have something interesting on their plates. Unfortunately, Daddy is very careful with the butter dish now.

At night, I like to shuttle back and forth between my lookout ladder on the terrace and our bed. It's quite nice to kick a few rounds next to Daddy and be stroked while doing so. I also just have to lie on my side or back and I get stroked there too. When I have had enough, I bite him lightly in the hand, which he then understands and leaves me alone. Only sometimes he snores so that I prefer to flee back to the terrace.

In the morning shortly after 7 o'clock I always go to bed to Daddy. He then turns around and puts his feet under his pillow. That way we can cuddle especially nicely. I lie down in his arm or against his chest and head and he strokes me with his other hand.

The other day, I lost track of time a bit and didn't get to our room until 7:35. Daddy was already sitting on the edge of the bed and wanted to get up. But then I opened my eyes wide and looked horrified! He immediately realized that getting up without cuddling first is not possible and laid down again - upside down, his feet under his pillow, as it should be. Then we snuggled together and dozed a bit until the emergency alarm beeped at 7:50 am. That's the way to do it!

In the morning, I sometimes accompany Daddy to the bathroom. You can lie comfortably on Grandma's shower chair or rub heads with Daddy when he's sitting on the toilet. But when he turns on the shower, I prefer to move to the toilet seat. It's nicely padded, too. I'm not at all afraid of water, but I would like to decide for myself when I take a shower!

Somehow daddy is a little piglet - a short shower once in the morning is not enough for the whole day. He should take an example from me, I lick myself thoroughly a few times a day. And then every few weeks a full bath, you are always a clean and well-groomed cat and do not need so stuff from the spray can under the armpits!

During the day there is usually also entertainment. In the house and in the neighbourhood live nice people who are always happy to see me and greet me and also stroke me sometimes. Especially nice plays our janitor Martina, my friend, with me.

Unfortunately, Daddy is in the garden far too seldom. I love helping him with the gardening or taking photos. What he means by "I'll break my bones because I' m falling over you", I don't understand.

When there's nothing else going on, I cross the bridge to the other side of the stream and look for Sammy. He's always good for a bit of a scuffle. I really beat him up when he dares to cross to my side of the stream! Then, in the heat of the moment, we sometimes end up in the stream or a sandy waterhole on the construction site.

A tomcat has to do what a tomcat has to do! It's nice that Daddy understands that and dries me off without scolding me.

So, that was part 1 of my memoirs. You can't start writing down your experiences early enough. Some footballers do the same ;-)

(dozed of after dictation)


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